MineBurn is a brand new Factions server that strives to become the most heard name in Minecraft, we have a team of dedicated, loyal and committed staff who work all around the clock to ensure that we have a smooth, lag-free and enjoyable environment for our players to play in, as well as deter those who violate the rules and regulations of our server.

The server has just opened to the public so it is expected that there will be some bugs and glitches! We would really appreciate if players could come forward and tell a member of staff the bugs, this will allow us to fix the bugs and prevent any rule-breakers, it is recommended to post a thread on the website if it's game-breaking. Any players who are exploiting this to their advantage will be violating the rules and therefore banned accordingly.

Here are some of the features that we have available for players here at MineBurn, we are aware that they are many factions servers so we really made sure that we were as custom as possible. We have a small team currently working on doing so, however we are planning on growing our team as the server does! Everyday we are thinking of things to create and customise to make the experience for our players more enjoyable. Some of the custom features include, but are not limited to:
  • GKits
  • A fully custom map and warzone!
  • The ability to use /tnt (this command allows you to instantly craft TNT)
  • Spawner Upgrades (this allows you to upgrade your spawners, increasing spawn rate)
  • Genbuckets (this allows users to make regeneration walls fast)
  • We have spent a lot of money to pay for a powerful host, this means NO LAG!
  • 7 Unique and Custom Ranks!
  • We have optimised the world border to prevent any glitching by enderpearls or by any other blocks.
  • TNT FILL, this command allows a player to automatically fill dispensers close by with TNT with a single command
  • We have MCMMO to allow players to enjoy themselves!
  • We also have custom enchants to boost and enhance the experience of PVP.
  • Supply crates to make players interact in the warzone!
  • We have 1.7 TNT mechanics.
  • Obisdian can be broken with 3 direct TNT hits.
  • Spawners have a 50% chance to drop when blowing them up with TNT or Creeper Eggs.
  • The Overworld border is 10K
  • The Nether world border is 2.5K
  • The end worldborder is 600.
Just some background information regarding the server, I myself have been playing factions for the past two years or so, however I must admit that I am no expert! So any ideas or suggestions that you think would be beneficial to the server will be amazing!